COMMA Podcast: Leisa McNaughton from MAProgress

July 28, 2016

Imagine being able to track your team's progress in a local sporting event, or even when you're based on the other side of the world but want to stay involved. MAProgress is worn by sports people as a live GPS tracking device for outdoor sporting events where you can see exactly where they are on a map. On this COMMA Podcast we chat with Leisa McNaughton from MAProgress all about this piece of equipment and how they're taking advantage of digital media to make the most of this product. Hosted by Dave Dunlay, Mark Godenho and produced by Kineta Knight Booker at


COMMA Podcast: David Oda from LinkedIn

July 13, 2016

David Oda from LinkedIn is our guest on this week's digital media podcast, COMMA. As the relationship manager – search and staffing, at LinkedIn, David has great insight into how to use LinkedIn as a business and networking tool, and how LinkedIn has changed the way businesses find and recruit new staff. It's most certainly a must-listen-to podcast! Hosted by Mark Godenho from Simplify & Amplify and Kineta Knight Booker. Produced by


COMMA Podcast: Chris Tacon

July 5, 2016

Chris Tacon from is on this week's digital media podcast COMMA. We discuss all things to do with apps, including the impact smart phones have had on our everyday lives and how it has enabled businesses to use apps for their own purposes. Plus we look at what to do if you an idea for an app! Produced by:


The Comma Podcast: When things don’t work out!

June 28, 2016

On this week’s digital media podcast, COMMA, we discuss what happens when things don’t work out! No matter how well we plan and no matter how organised we are, life can throw curve balls and the best laid plans can be disrupted. So, how do we deal with it? Listen and find out. Hosted by Dave Dunlay, Mark Godenho and Kineta Knight Booker. Produced by:


The Comma Podcast: The Business of Design

June 21, 2016

On this week’s COMMA Podcast we speak with Amanda van Kuppevelt from Delineate all about the design of the business and the business of the design. Amanda discusses what's important in design creation and how knowing the direction of the business first can help with the design of your company logo. Produced by:


The Comma Podcast: Facebook Advertising

June 14, 2016

On this week’s podcast we speak with Scott Wilson from and discuss all things Facebook advertising. Scott chats about the successful Facebook advertising strategies and how running a social media campaign is just the same as running a TV campaign. Produced by:


The Comma Podcast: Digital Sales

June 9, 2016

On this week’s podcast, we speak with Will Hish ( all about digital sales and his method of working with his clients to generate leads. We also chat about the world of process behind sales being disruptive and Will lets us in on his process to get those all important sales. Produced by:


The Comma Podcast - Podcasts

June 1, 2016

This week we spoke with Paul Spain, host of NZ Tech Podcast. He's also a media commentator on TV and radio, and runs Gorilla Technology. We discuss podcasts, the future of podcasting and the favourites he loves to listen to!


The Comma Podcast - Is Email Dead?

May 23, 2016

This week we meet a powerhouse of a man! Alex Berman is The Chief Marketing Sumo at InspireBeats, Director of Marketing at Dom & Tom, SVP Operations at Experiment 27, Founder & Chief Content Creator at We discuss how he uses email to grow businesses, his tips for creating a successful email to send out to customers and whether email is dead! Produced by:


The Comma Podcast - Google Adwords Campaigns

May 17, 2016

This week we spoke with Chris Mole ( communicator, web designer and Google Adwords consultant. We discuss his former life in journalism and as a press secretary for a senior politician, and he gives us advice on how to have a successful Google Adwords campaign. Produced by